Quasar Devblog #9

I’m excited to announce that this week I started working on a CG intro video for Quasar. The idea behind this animated short is to show the player a glimpse of the Quasar universe as we see it. I thought I’d share with you a bit of my thought process and workflow. For...

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Quasar Devblog #8

Well, yet again a big break in posting. We missed quite a few weeks since the last one, it was before PAX East, and there’s no good excuse. We’ve been busy working on some of the big parts of the game that have been missing and trying to come up with a...

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We’ve attended quite a few shows over the past year and we’ve met so many new friends and fans – thank you. Many of you asked us why we hadn’t tried funding our development through crowdfunding. We’d be lying if we said it had nothing to do with pride.

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