Hard to believe it’s been a year since we first showed at a PAX convention, but here we are one year older (and maybe wiser) and the game has come a long way. We’re on our third UI iteration (and hopefully the last), we’ve added three ships, a bunch of weapons, and we’ve switched from an in-house server solution to PlayFab. We’ve modified the UE4 code base to suit some of our needs, fixed bugs in UE4 (and had them re-broken shortly thereafter). We’ve added team play, a CTF-esque game mode, and a whole lot of polish. Embarrassingly we’ve missed each target release date we’ve set for ourselves, and we’re now giving the Blizzard/Valve response when asked. All that said we simply can’t wait for those of you attending PAX West (formerly Prime) to play the game, and enjoy the game with us.

We’re bringing our usual setup, which is courteously provided by NZXT, to PAX West this time and we’re in our own booth rather than in PAX Rising like last year. All in all we will have six computers up and playing Onslaught in a 3v3 match all show long. It’s only 3 days away and we’re all having trouble sleeping from the pure excitement we feel about showing what QUASAR looks like now. Until then, there’s still lots to do so I’m going to keep this update short and just get right back to it. When we’re back from PAX I’ll post a follow up to this blog detailing where we are in development!