We’re feeling the post-PAX euphoria here at OSnap! Games. We had a blast talking about and playing QUASAR with all of you in Seattle. We were worried that being on the 6th floor would affect the traffic we’d have to our booth but it was possibly one of our busiest shows yet.

This show was the first show we were able to stand back and watch how players reacted to and learned to play QUASAR without having to do a whole lot of explanation. That was amazing and very fulfilling for us, and made all the hard work leading up to PAX worth it. Every show we’ve been to we’ve felt like we were onto something but this was different. There’s still some sticking points in the games design (it’s a bomb, not a ball, seriously!) which we’ll have to address but for the most part players picked the controller up and started vaporizing their enemies, and it was so awesome to watch.

We have to give a huge shoutout to the team at NZXT. Without them we simply could not put on the shows that we have over the last year. If you’re about to build a new computer I highly recommend you check out their products. Their case design is second to none.

Josh and I took our living dangerously to the next level this time around. We managed to find time while at the show to make changes and fix bugs during show hours. We (I) only broke things twice!

Over the final two days of PAX we had one of our machines running Nvidia Shadowplay and managed to record over 200gb of in-game footage. You can bet we’ll be updating this website and all our other channels with new footage and screenshots, all thanks to the players who gave QUASAR a try. We’ve posted one of our favorite moments from PAX below.

So many of you commented on how polished the experience is, and wanted to know when you can buy it and play it. We can’t wait until that day comes but there are so many non-gameplay features missing that we feel we just absolutely have to include, as well as more content for you to enjoy and unlock as you play QUASAR. We’re determined to release the most complete experience we can. What we can promise though is that a closed beta is right around the corner. If you’re interested in helping us test QUASAR sign up at our Tester Registration page and once we’re ready we’ll send out Steam keys! We’re currently only accepting testers on Steam, no consoles just yet but perhaps in the near future.