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Quasar Devblog #11

We're feeling the post-PAX euphoria here at OSnap! Games. We had a blast talking about and playing QUASAR with all of you in Seattle. We were worried that being on the 6th floor would affect the traffic we'd have to our booth but it was possibly one of our busiest...

Quasar Interview on GameHounds.net

Hey QUASAR fans! We've got a big blog update coming on Monday but we couldn't wait to share this with you! While at PAX the fantastic website GameHounds.net interviewed Ryan about QUASAR and what you can expect from it. We've embedded the interview below but check out...

Quasar Devblog #10

Hard to believe it’s been a year since we first showed at a PAX convention, but here we are one year older (and maybe wiser) and the game has come a long way.

Quasar Devblog #9

I’m excited to announce that this week I started working on a CG intro video for Quasar. The idea behind this animated short is to show the player a glimpse of the Quasar universe as we see it. I thought I’d share with you a bit of my thought process and workflow. For...

Quasar Devblog #8

Well, yet again a big break in posting. We missed quite a few weeks since the last one, it was before PAX East, and there's no good excuse. We've been busy working on some of the big parts of the game that have been missing and trying to come up with a better way of...


We’ve attended quite a few shows over the past year and we’ve met so many new friends and fans – thank you. Many of you asked us why we hadn’t tried funding our development through crowdfunding. We’d be lying if we said it had nothing to do with pride.


We can’t believe it’s time for another PAX expo. Not because we dread going to them, but because we LOVE going to them! We cannot wait to meet the fantastic attendees from the Boston area!

QUASAR Devblog #7

And we’re back again, three weeks in a row! We’re hitting our development stride now so expect these updates much more frequently. This week we’re talking about a brand spanking new weapon, THE GAUSS CANNON! Yes! What exactly is a Gauss Cannon you might ask? That’s a fantastic question and one that wikipedia can answer for us!

QUASAR Devblog #6

Continuing on with our design and features themed blog posts this week we’re talking about the Burst Laser. We introduced the Burst Laser in our build last weekend and it was received well by developers and testers alike. It definitely requires more precision like one of the weapons that fire at a much slower rate, but just like last weeks Rail changes this weapon change results in less hold and hope for the best and a little more thought about when to fire.

QUASAR Devblog #5

We’re trying something a little different this week, and hopefully every week from this point on, writing primarily about the design and features of QUASAR. We’re really happy with the way Onslaught is shaping up, and it’s created a lot of fun and competitive matches between the developers and our testers, but one thing we’ve consistently seen and heard from our testers is it lacks variety in the weapons department. Our projectiles have all been press and hold, and aim towards the enemy. We’ve felt for some time that there needs to be some variety and this week we’re introducing you to one of these shiny new projectile types.

Official Quasar Discord

We’ve been using Discord here at OSnap! Games for communicating during play tests for the last few weeks and we’ve loved it. It’s made it so much easier to communicate with the players.

It’s All Rainbows and Unicorns

So this is not about rainbows and unicorns as the title suggests but that got your attention and made you curious didn’t it?

Today I wanted to just randomly collect my thoughts from PAX South as OSnap Games is looking to our next showing at PAX East. As an experienced exhibitor, PAX South isn’t something new. We’ve done a lot of conventions, expos and small showcases including PAX Prime last summer, showing off QUASAR is starting to become almost routine. We set up, show the game, rinse, repeat until the end, break the booth down, and go home; sometimes we’re exhausted, and almost always excited to add more to QUASAR afterwards.

PAX South Was a Blast!

Thanks to everyone who played QUASAR with us at PAX South! We had such an amazing weekend and it was easily the best time we’ve had at any show. We met so many awesome people and it reinforced the feeling that what we’re making is fun for all ages. It was our first time showing ONSLAUGHT (our new Team mode) to gamers and we were uncertain of what its reception would be like.

One Week to PAX South!

We’re on our third week of testing and so far we’ve had a blast with everyone who has played QUASAR with us. We’re only one week away from PAX South which means this week’s test is more important than the last two.

We have big plans for PAX South this year and will have a much larger presence than we had at PAX Prime.

PAX South Monitor Giveaway

Hello Quasar Fans! It's been a few days since we last reminded you that we're giving away 6 24" LED Monitors at PAX South! All you have to do is sign up to test the game and you're automatically entered into a draw to win one of six monitors we'll raffle off at the...

PAX South Plans and Giveaway

PAX South is quickly approaching so it's time we reveal some of our plans. We'll have a larger presence at PAX South than we did at PAX Prime with a total of six computers (graciously provided by NZXT) so that we can give the players at PAX South a real taste of what...

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