Armor can mean the difference between life and death. When used in conjunction with your other equipment your armor may very well save you in a tight spot. Use too much of it though and your ship will be an under powered sitting duck.


Without Engines it won’t matter how much firepower you’re packing, or how much damage your Armor can absorb. Movement and agility are key to surviving the arenas of Quasar. The Light spacecraft move quickly right out of the shipyard but Heavy fighters need some aftermarket love if the Pilot expects to survive.


A proper arsenal is every Pilot’s favorite thing. Equip up to six different weapons on your spacecraft, from Lasers, to Rails, to Rockets, to Beams. Entering the arena without the best possible weapons will only lead to your death and destruction!


Active Abilities will increase the offensive or defensive capabilities of your spacecraft at key moments in battle. Some Active Abilities can only be equipped by certain classes of spacecraft, and others may be equipped by all.


Passive Abilities can add additional functionality to your already existing arsenal. Do you want to steal Power Ups when utilizing an EMP on your Scarab? There’s a Passive Ability for that! How about turning your Tractor Beam into a Healing Beam in a Team based Game Mode? You can do that too! Maybe you’d like your Rockets to do more splash damage? Equip that Passive Ability!

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